You have recently migrated to AWS cloud or are already in cloud but still facing so many challenges in running your setup smoothly as it was in previous physical setup, or you are not able to get benefits of the AWS cloud as you anticipated and wished the freedom of being in cloud could be, your application never looked so bounded before it came to cloud and now you are surprised that you are not getting any benefits of being in cloud just because application is sticky and not able to use it fully.

Basically if you are not sure about the technical implication or challenges created due to gaps in Cloud compliance, or not sure about the time it will take on your own to address the technical gaps.

The above strategic technical misses can have huge cost implication in terms of time and money.


LogBull IT Solutions can provide you with a team of skilled AWS engineers on contract, the engineers can work as part of your team at various level of your Cloud implementation, this may include working with your technical domain experts to bring the missing Cloud strategy part. Or helping you with the details of the plan with respect to the Cloud. Or actually implementing your outlined plan with respect to the Cloud.

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