Recent Technologies We Worked On

1. We architected the customer Cloud setup to handle high traffic (2 ~ 3 million hit) website, for the same technology expertise used were, replaced AWS ELB with HA-Proxy as ELB had limitation in handling spike, used Elasticache instead of disk based cache, used AWS Cloudfront for CDN, used EC2 based mysql server in place of RDS and introduced master master replication, used S3 for images, used EC2 based NFS for centralized code provisioning, etc.

2. We architected hybrid cloud setup for the customers, basically part of their datacenter setup in north Canada was moved to AWS us-east zone, their DC was in AWS and ADC on premise along with multiple IIS (Windows) and Apache (Linux) webserver. We have created VPC setup with VPN between Juniper 319 Firewall and AWS, We have created a three layered secure subnet network with in the VPC, We deployed OpenVPN with AWS NAT instance to provision for dynamic VPN access to mobile employees, for monitoring we implemented Nagios in conjunction with AWS Cloud watch for monitoring of larger systems and services resource behavior, RDS with MSSQL etc.

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