Because our background and core competency is in Cloud technologies and our focus is providing world class services and solution in the AWS Cloud.

We have experience in supporting 20+ customers mostly in North America and Australia in the AWS Cloud, some of customers had heavy setup in AWS, some having hybrid setups, this was over a period of last two and half years. This is also reflected in the fact that we are AWS Advanced Consulting Partners.

Our approach, is to first understand the customer requirement and need, this may involve multiple iteration to ensure better understanding. Then we propose a high level solution where we address the need by breaking into smaller sub tasks, this includes the time needed to fix the sub tasks and the logical order the sub tasks should be taken up. Once the solution is approved, we focus to implement and deliver the project in a timely manner, we ensure regular update. Once the project is towards completion we share implementation details in project report format, also give reasonable amount of time for customer testing and bug fixes. Basically we take a process oriented approach and our communication is world class.

Our Value Proposition, is to address the customer need effectively, put imagination so that the services and solution results in a long term value creation. Make the services and solution automated, provide world class documentation which can act as a ready reference. As our focus is on long term relations we ensure high quality.

If needed we can provide references of customers to whom we have partnered with and created long term value.


1. We architected the customer Cloud setup to handle high traffic (2 ~ 3 million hit) website...

2. We architected hybrid cloud setup for the customers, basically part of their datacenter setup in north Canada...

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