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AWS Cloud Engineering


When you are making strategy planning to adopt cloud, do you know if your vital data/application is cloud compliant? Yes! No! Maybe! Somewhat! Do you know the technical and cost implication if there are gaps in your cloud compliant setup or how to strategize the cloud adoption in steps to get an effective and optimized implementation. Or do you also know in how much time and effort your in house team can learn and effectively implement the same. Basically are you ready to adopt Cloud setup?


LogBull IT Solutions can help you to get a complete review report of your present IT setup and propose a detailed plan for migration to or adoption of Cloud setup, this will help you to make your Cloud strategy proper. Our technical review covers all the major layers of the system requirements, such as DNS, CDN, load balancers, web, Cache, application layers, database, storage, security, internal/external integrations and their alternate approach, monitoring, backup, deployment, and background programs in the AWS infrastructure. We identify and present the gaps between, the present practice v/s cloud practice, important simple and complex points with respect to the cloud adoption points, the challenges and last but not the least a roadmap for smooth cloud migration. In addition to the above report our suggestion will also cover the expert opinion for optimizing your implementation which will have huge cost implication and reduction and will improve the reliability, security, scalability and end user experience of your Cloud setup .