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AWS Cloud Consulting

Challenge: You as a business leader foresee the business growth and exponential effect a Cloud adoption can bring in, the advantages and leverage which Cloud can bring to your business.

Solution: LogBull IT Solutions given its team of expert cloud engineers will evalute your setup, will evaluate the advantages and challenges in adopting Cloud, will estimate the effort and time requirement for Cloud adoption and can also suggest some module from your application stack which can be converted and implemented as a proof of concept for you. Read more...

AWS Cloud Engineering

Challenge: When you are making strategy planning to adopt cloud, do you know if your vital data/application is cloud compliant?

Solution: LogBull IT Solutions can help you to get a complete review report of your present IT setup and propose a detailed plan for migration to or adoption of Cloud setup, this will help you to make your Cloud strategy proper. Our technical review covers all the major layers of the system requirements, such as DNS, CDN, load balancers, web, Cache, application layers, database, storage, security, internal/external integrations and their alternate approach, monitoring, backup, deployment, and background programs in the AWS infrastructure. Read more...

Performance Tuning In The AWS

Challenge: When you move your Application from in house to Cloud, there are high chances that your Application will behave in a weird manner when it comes to performance, basically it will work but if you apply slightly higher load it will stall, this can be a frustrating experience when you had high expectation from the Cloud.

Solution: LogBull IT Solutions has teams of expert Cloud Engineers, in performance tuning, they will analyze your Cloud setup in an efficient methodical manner both statically and dynamically and identify the root cause of the slow performance. Read more...

Cloud Managed Services

Challenge: Cloud adoption comes with its own set of challenges. Technically Cloud providers shows that its easy given that you can created instances of your infrastructure and scale your setup, but this ease of use create big challenges in terms of effectiveness of the Cloud setup.

Solution: Instead of getting your core business de-focussed due to above issue its better to rely on experts in Cloud like LBIT. Our vast experience with end to end AWS technologies and comprehensive deployment expertise helps you to avoid the common and serious mistakes with respect to your Application needs. Read more...

AWS Contract Engineering

Challenge: You have recently migrated to AWS cloud or are already in cloud but still facing so many challenges in running your setup smoothly as it was in previous physical setup, or you are not able to get benefits of the AWS cloud as you anticipated and wished the freedom of being in cloud could be,

Solution: LogBull IT Solutions can provide you with a team of skilled AWS engineers on contract, the engineers can work as part of your team at various level of your Cloud implementation, this may include working with your technical domain experts to bring the missing Cloud strategy part. Read more...

LBIT managed services delivery is customized to suit your immediate and long-term business needs. We have an integrated and mature quality system with a focus on process based delivery to bring you efficiency and predictability. Our implementation of ITIL standards for service management helps us bring continuous improvement for organizations.

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